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Food Specials


On a daily bases.


Every day of the week; bla, bla, bla...



The Full Pounder

One-half LB Burger & One-half LB fries  6.95



The Westmacker & Fries

Our classic double deck burger served with fries  6.95



Cuban Sandwich

Tender roast pork and baked ham with Swiss cheese topped with dill pickle and a tangy mustard sauce on a oasted sub bun. 

Served with fries. 8.95



Soul on a Roll

TSB's tribute to Ann Arbor's BBQ Master, Jesse Campbell aka Mr. Rib.  Tender Pulled Pork smothered with our own BBQ sauce and topped with tangy cole slaw, dill pickle, and onion crisps on a toasted hoagie roll.  Served with fries.  7.95



Friday Fish Fry

Icelandic cod beer battered and fried to perfection.  It is served with fries and slaw.  12.95



On and On

And on and on for. $ and.on



On and On

And on and on for. $ and.on




Not every day, just for a limited time.


Occasionally we try out something different.  Check this space for new items.

We will post new items as they become available.